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Well, I am a pretty good person… I go to church, and I give 10% of my income. Most of all I do not have problems like "those people".  If that is you or the way you see yourself leave this website now.  This site is only for the real, raw and broken no perfect people needed.  We all have fell short of the glory of God and we all have sinned.  Some of us would rather face the truth of our past and learn from it. To be transformed into the image of God rather than fake our way through life. 
My wrong turn in life was finding pornography at an early age and using it to escape from the stress of life and family.  In other words, I failed to be a man and to lead others the way Christ intended. So, my story will unfold as I post videos and podcast weekly.  However, it is not my past or my sins that will be the focus of the story.  It is Christ and how he has lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and mire for good. 
As we share life in all its ups and downs buckle up and know that the ride as a Christ follower is not easy. At times it is downright hard as hell.  Together we will move toward the storm and facing the outcome of our decisions together.  Finally, always remember “no mess, no ministry”.

Here at Into the Storm: Finding Freedom in Christ-For those in Addiction, we’re committed to serving men in all types of addictions (drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, and sex addictions). We want to be a resource to help anyone out of life dominating sin. No matter your station in life, age or background we are in this battle together.  You are not alone and please reach out to a nonjudgement group of men. The broken road of addiction can be a lonely place.  We are here to help, support, and pray for tall in need of help. Just imagine what we can achieve together!

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